DFF3D Multibeam Sonar and TM54 Transducer
TM54 Transducer for Furuno DFF3D Multibeam Sonar
Cross section mode Furuno DFF3D Multibeam sonar
Triple beam view of Furuno DFF3D Multibeam sonar

DFF3D Multibeam Sonar and TM54 Transducer

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  • The DFF-3D is an innovative tool for efficient fish location and seabed profile surveying, utilizing new multi beam technology.
  • Highly detailed images are derived from the combination of an advanced signal processing system and an amazingly compact multi beam transducer.
  • Visibly see the landscape and fish schools at great depths in amazing detail
  • Cross section displays the real-time sea column echo in 120 degrees port and starboard. This mode aids in instantly understanding the distribution of bait fish and the water column condition.
  • A single (directly under boat) or triple direction (middle, left and right) fish finder image is displayed simultaneously. The Triple beam display helps to understand the depth of fish targets and the seabed condition in each direction, as well as the direction the target fish are moving. Each beam angle and beam width are selectable.
  • The compact transducer allows easy installation
  • The built in motion sensor stabilizes the display to give accurate information, even under rough sea conditions

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